Ultima Ratio - Memories

Ultima Ratio began its life at Artic Computing (based in Brandesburton, near Hull), a developer and publisher who had been around since home computing first appeared in the UK in the very early 1980s. Adam Waring and Tony Warriner worked at Artic, and were given the task of designing and writing a 'mega-game' for the Amstrad CPC.

A recent technical discovery on the CPC meant that (in theory at least) fast multi-directional scrolling was achievable, and Adam and Tony wanted to use this theoretical technique for their game. Unfortunately, it was all too good to be true, and in the end only horizontal scrolling benefitted from the trick.

Inspiration for the game came mostly from highly polished C64 games like Paradroid (coded by Andrew Braybrook of Graftgold). It took Tony about six months to write the game from start to finish, with plenty of sustainance from the local pastie shop! Adam then wrote the Spectrum conversion.

As the game was being completed, Artic Computing was coming to an end. The original intention was for Artic to publish the game as well, but as soon as that became impossible it was taken before Firebird and signed up for the Firebird Silver £1.99 range. The copyright on the inlay was therefore credited to Artic Computing.