Weird Dreams - Information

Weird Dreams was always going to be an apt title for this game! The 'weird' subject matter certainly generated a fair amount of publicity, especially when it appeared on the UK ITV Saturday morning kid's show Motor Mouth as an eight week phone-in competition. Any game that starts on a hospital operating table is bound to attract some controversy!

The game was the brainchild of three people - Herman Serrano, Tony King and James Hutchby. Herman's talent as a graphic artist was used extensively by Telecomsoft for box artwork and title screens on many of the 16-bit Rainbird and Firebird games. Creating in-game graphics was the next logical step, and Weird Dreams was the result! James Hutchby was the programmer on The OCP Art Studio, which one of the first ever Rainbird titles published.

Weird Dreams was a collection of games, with each one set in a very abstract dream. They required precise positioning and timing to get through, starting off inside a candy-floss machine. The player had to escape from the machine, avoid giant wasps, defeat monsters in a desert armed only with a fish, avoid a lethal ballerina, survive killer roses, dangerous footballs and a very strange little girl (amongst other things!).

The game was published in the UK by Microprose (using the Rainbird label) after they purchased Rainbird and Firebird from British Telecom in May 1989. Weird Dreams was available for the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC and the Commodore 64 (tape and disk). John Jones-Steele wrote the PC conversion. The C64 version was written by Delvin Sorrell, with graphics by Steve Hall. The novella included in the box was written by Rupert Goodwins, and is available to download.

French IP-TV channel NoLife aired a 5 minute programme all about Weird Dreams in mid February 2008. You can see some screens from the programme here.